Ryde Arts – which way now?

Monday 19 March, 1900, Yelfs Hotel in the Reading Room

This year marks the end of a two-year Arts Council England project, GROW which has taken performance and making to new places in the town and sought to grow talent and creativity. As we all know, it’s best to initiate change at a point of strength and so we would like to invite you to help mould the future of Ryde Arts.

Who are we?

Ryde Arts is an informal collaboration of artists, makers, composers, performers, writers and others who have worked on an ad hoc basis over nearly twenty years to secure a range of funding. This has enabled local artists working with and inspired by the town and its residents to share with  a wider audience. Ryde Arts has strong branding, a web-site, social media presence and a history of securing grant-funding from, among others, Arts Council England, Isle of Wight Council and Ryde Town Council.

Why now?

  • Ryde Town Council have agreed an annual funding for Ryde Arts which means we need to formalise some processes of how we run.
  • Some of us are looking forward to stepping back a little after many years at the helm to enjoy Ryde Arts rather than drive it.
  • The outlook for small groups is not clearly sustainable, so it is wise to see where we can join with others to create a stronger, more sustainable and creative future for Ryde Arts.

Please come along and share your ideas. We are particularly looking to find like-minded organisations, groups or individuals to work with to attract funding for our activities based in the town.